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Ivanka Trump is in Israel for the inauguration of the US Jerusalem embassy on Monday, as protesters in Gaza prepare for a day of rallies along the frontier that are expected to be met with gunfire.
US Embassy in Jerusalem opens as dozens killed in Gaza clashes. Trump Made the Embassy Move to Jerusalem.
Shinzo Abe affirms with it.
Japan signed to grant Cambodia ,Hun Sen Administration over $90 million.
Trump called for tariffs of 25% on steel imports and import cars , 10% on aluminum products.
Japan PM Shinzo Abe praises the tariffs.

Tsuneyasu Takeda published Racism Movies against YouTube's policy, so these movies are deleted.
His father is Tsunekazu Takeda ,President of the Japanese Olympic Committee, and President of Japan Equestrian Federation.

Cosmetic surgeon Katsuya Takasu pays $275,000 for Emperor Hirohito's memoir.
Katsuya Takasu has been stimulated by Nazi.

Investigators Say Malaysia Flight Downed in eastern Ukraine by Russian Missile ,on the report of The Joint Investigation Team (JIT) that investigates the downing of flight MH17.
The JIT consists of the police and judicial authorities of The Netherlands, Australia, UK , France ,Belgium, Malaysia and Ukraine.
Malaysia Airlines Flight(MH17) was downed by a Russia-based military unit, according to investigators.
Shinzo Abe criticizes the investigation.

Shinzo Abe has attempted to disturb "North Korea-United States Summit" , but the attempt is frustrated.

Japan PM ,Shinzo Abe is grilled in Diet over cronyism scandals about Pork barrel to Kake Gakuen veterinary school and Kotaro Kake who is a close friend of Abe.
His wife, Akie may testify for Shinzo.