【須田慎一郎】関西生コンの闇 福島みずほ氏も絡んでた






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     お先真っ暗 韓国の雇用政策  貿易戦争も直撃、対中輸出大激減

Japan wakes up to exploitation of foreign workers as immigration debate rages.
Twenty seven year old girl ,War Nu left her village in central Myanmar at the end of last year bound for Japan.
She had borrowed nearly $3,000 to pay an agent for a job in the garments industry here, lured not only by the offer of much higher wages but also by the chance to learn new skills in a country known for its advanced technology.
She ended up simply packing garments into cardboard boxes from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. or midnight, six or even seven days a week.
The basic pay, the equivalent of just $530 a month, was half what she had been promised, while her boss didn’t stop shouting at her.
"It was inhumane," she said. “Every day I was stressed, I was anxious. I don’t know how to express it in words. I was crying.”

The exploitation occurs because agency, brokers, and Japanese company are greedy.
Japanese Politicians ,Taro Aso ,Akira Amari and Shinzo Abe are strongly related to company , agent and broker.
They accept bribe from agent and the broker.
Abe ,Aso and Amari are also subject to the openly revisionist organization, Cult 'Nippon Kaigi' .

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