G20大阪サミット開幕 各国首脳が集合写真(2019年6月28日)



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A Novice Player ,Shinzo Abe Gets a Painful Lesson in Middle East Peacemaking.
Donald Trump let Japan PM go to IRAN. Abe's trip to Iran is for Not mediating But 'casus belli'. But Abe didn't know it.
Most analysts see the real purpose of the trip in his domestic agenda.
Election is important for Japanese prime minister. Elections for the upper house are coming up in July and there is speculation Mr Abe might call a snap general election if he is confident he will win it.
Japan has been sidelines in the negotiation with North Korea while talks with Russia over a group of disputed islands have also stalled.
Abe wishes as if he played an important role in issues of Middle East , but It seems that he was a financial sponsor.
His international diplomatic activity has yielded little results.
And ,Shinzo Abe doesn't necessarily hope peace and stability in the Middle East.
He is going to make his friends earn money in those areas.

Shinzo Abe's mission to Iran raises nuclear tensions in Persian Gulf ,and ends in flames .
He likes the name of 'Trump Heights' .
His Iranian interlocutors, though, made clear the emphasis of the discussions, rejecting any notion of dialogue with the United States and making Abe look like a sheepish messenger.

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